Conceived and designed by Pedrini, Aroma was born from the idea of giving character and personality to those who prefer a distinctive style. The body is in aluminium, as tradition dictates, and the finish in anthracite paint with the exception of the lid and the central band to give contrast. The handles and knobs impress with their shape and align perfectly with the overall design.


- Italian design
- Aluminium food-safe EN601
- Heat resistant handle up to 210°C
- Gasket in food-safe silicone
- 100% controlled safety valve

AVAILABLE SIZE: 1, 2, 3, and 6 cups.

Aroma coffeemaker, 1 cup

9111 —

Polished aluminum

Aroma coffeemaker, 2 cups

9112 —

Polished aluminum

Aroma coffeemaker, 3 cups

9113 —

Polished aluminum

Aroma coffeemaker, 6 cups


Polished aluminum