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In addition to being essential for cleaning and portioning fruit and vegetables, they can make the presentation of your dishes more inviting and imaginative. Choose the utensil that most simplifies the preparation of your recipes.


04GD154 —

Enameled aluminium

3 in 1 juicer with measuring glass, presser and lid

04GD155 —

Food-safe plastic

Juicer with collector

04GD156 —

Stainless steel

Peeling knife, set of 2 pcs

04GD191 —

Blade in stainless steel, cover in plastic

Pineapple slicer

04GD177 —

stainless steel

Cherry and olive pitter

65 —

Stainless steel

Nut and lobster cracker

64 —

Chrome plated metal

Zesting type long grater, etching blade

04GD096 —

Stainless steel

Apple slicer


-Perfect for slice apples
-8 even slices
-Blade in stainless steel
-Corer included

Potato and vegetable chipper

04GD010 —

Stainless steel blade

Serrated blade peeler

04GD166 —

Swivelling stainless steel blade

Julienne blade peeler

04GD167 —

Swivelling stainless steel blade

Universal sharp blade peeler

0114 —

Swivelling stainless steel blade

Spiral slicer


-Perfect for prepare zoodles
-Presser included to reduce vegetable waste
-Blade in stainless steel
-Disassemblable for easy cleaning

Slicer, coarse, grater

212 —

Blade in stainless steel

Potato masher

04GD175 —

Stainelss steel with 2 disk included

Salad knife

04GD157 —

Food-safe plastic

Vegetable mill with 3 disks, diam. Ø 20

04GD198 —

Stainless steel

Spice infuser

04GD012 —

Stainless steel

Ceramic blade mandoline slicer

04GD043 —

Ceramic blade